Content Creation + Social Strategy

A brand's content and social media should do so much more than try to sell a product or service—it should tell a story. It should provide an opportunity for customers and followers to see that you're more than just a business—you're an organization made up of real people who want to make a real impact on the lives of those who love and trust your brand. High quality content and a meaningful social media strategy will accomplish just that.

And of course a major piece of compelling content that tells a story is photography. To see examples of my visual work, click here.



Having the know-how to style a room or create a vignette for a photoshoot is a priceless skill when it comes to creating photos that tell a story. Things like composition, angles and lighting are all factors that need to be considered—and when done right—your photos will truly represent a feeling, rather than just items and products.



Chloe has worked very hard to develop an online community that is centered around having fun and sharing life's experiences. She is known to this community as someone who will always be honest, real and a little bit weird, but that's what keeps them coming back to her blog, The Basics, and various social media channels.